GREAT FALLS – A Great Falls resident got his moment in the spotlight on Monday.

Bryan Palmer and his partner Linda appeared on the CBS game show “Let’s Make A Deal.”

Palmer even showed off his jitterbug dancing skills with Linda, telling host Wayne Brady that he has been dancing for 40 years.

When forced to choose between winning an unknown amount of cash, taking the prize inside a box, or possibly being rewarded with only a “Zonk!” prize, Palmer opted to take whatever was in the box.

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Turns out he made the right choice – inside the box was a diamond necklace valued at $4,450. If he had opted for the cash prize, he would have had to settle for winning just $60.

When asked what he was hoping for before the reveal, Palmer said he was hoping for a trip to gift his son, who was going on a honeymoon – but he seemed quite pleased with winning the necklace.