HELENA – A Helena suspect has been charged after he allegedly threatened to kill a police officer during a DUI investigation.

Rodrick J. Carbonell was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with felony threats in official matters and felony fourth aggravated DUI.

Helena Police was called to the 300-block of Euclid at 3 a.m. Tuesday for a report of suspicious activity.

Officers said they saw Carbonell walk out of a store allegedly clearly under the influence of alcohol.

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Carbonell told officers he’d been drinking but denied being drunk and refused to do a breath test or give officers a blood sample.

When officers received a search warrant for a blood sample, Carbonell allegedly told one officer, “I have enough guns in my camper to blow your head off.”

The suspect was then taken to St. Peter’s Hospital where officers had to hold him down so a blood sample could be taken.

Charging documents say Carbonell has three prior DUI convictions out of Pennsylvania.
He’s also been charged with driving with a suspended license and obstructing a police officer.

His bond has been set at $40,000.