Devynn Blyseth

HELENA – A Helena woman was given a suspended sentence after her toddler son was found walking alone near Helena High this summer.

Devynn Blyseth pleaded guilty Wednesday afternoon to misdemeanor negligent endangerment.

Prosecutors said Bylseth’s 18-month-old son was found walking barefoot on a sidewalk only wearing a diaper on the 800 block of North Cooke at 10:00 a.m. on July 14.

One witness said it appeared as though the child was about to walk into the street.

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After several hours, Helena Police were able to identify Blyseth as the mother of the child. When they arrived at her home, they found the front door open.

The 20-year-old Blyseth told officers she’d put the child down for a nap before she fell asleep that morning. She said the front door of her home was not locked because people come and go from the residence.

Originally charged with felony criminal endangerment, Blyseth pleaded guilty to the reduced charged of negligent endangerment.

Judge Michael McMahon sentenced Blyseth to six months in jail with all time suspended.

Since being charged, prosecutors say Blyseth has taken positive steps to address her situation.