Montana Made: My Dude Box

BILLINGS – Going through puberty is hard. Between the awkward discussions in health class and the even more uncomfortable talks with parents, it can be hard for kids to navigate this time in their lives.

Camden Hutson, 12, ran into this problem last year while watching an informational video in his sixth-grade health class.

“Most of the kids didn’t really take it seriously. It was a really crappy video,” said Hutson, who lives in Billings. “It was just an awkward moment for all pre-teen boys in the sixth grade.”

Hutson said what was almost worse was his mom wanting to talk to him about it later.

“He didn’t want to talk about anything that he had seen,” said Sarah Hinkle, Camden’s mom. “So I talked with him one more time, and I said, ‘What if we put something together that spoke your language better?’”

Together, Camden and his mom came up with an informative way for kids to feel a little less awkward while learning about puberty. It’s called “My Dude Box,” and it provides boys with information about puberty, along with different hygiene products and ‘swag.’

“Well, this is pretty important to me because I would like to help all the other pre-teen boys who struggle talking to their parents about puberty or talking to other family members about it,” said Hutson.

Hutson and his mom saw the need when they realized there were plenty of resources for young girls, but fewer products for boys going through puberty.

The boxes are sold online and hand-delivered to kids in the area; they and can also be shipped.

“Camden really loves the opportunity to meet the people who are supporting My Dude Box,” said Hinkle. “He has a very giving heart. He’s very concerned for people he loves, people he doesn’t know, people who need help, or people who can benefit from something he has to give.”

Hutson hopes his My Dude Box can help other kids going through that awkward time in their lives, feel a little less uncomfortable.

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MTN’s Brandon Sullivan