HELENA – The Helena Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Working Group along with The Friendship Center honored two members of law enforcement on Monday for their work to help those affected by domestic and sexual violence.

Officer John Kaleczyc of the Helena Police Department and Deputy Greg Holmlund of the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office were chosen as Officers of the Year.

The two members of local law enforcement were honored for their dedication to serving victims of sexual violence.

This is the third year in a row both officers have been nominated for the honor.

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Montana Attorney General Tix Fox commended the officers for their exemplary work in the field of domestic and sexual violence and going above and beyond in serving victims of abuse.

Deputy Holmlund said it was a honor to receive the recognition and asked that any victim of assault reach out for help.

“My advice to any victim of domestic or sexual violence is to call local law enforcement so that we can investigate it,” said Holmlund, “And rest assured that we will be there and we will help you out.”

Holmlund added that anyone not comfortable with law enforcement can reach out to the friendship center for assistance.

“They’re a great resource and they are there to help you and there’s advocates on call at all times of the day and night,” said Holmlund.

To contact the Helena Police Department call (406) 447-8461 or click here for more information.

To contact the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office call (406) 442-7883 or click here for more information.

For more information on the Friendship Center call (406) 442-6800 or click here.

Information on the Montana Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence can be found here.