GREAT FALLS – Bob Kelly defeated Spencer Galloway and will serve another term as the Mayor Great Falls.

Mary Moe and Owen Robinson won election to the Great Falls City Commission, defeating Rick Tryon. Fred Burow also garnered over 2,000 votes, despite withdrawing from the race several weeks ago.

Voters rejected an economic development mill levy, which the Great Falls Development Authority had said would have been used to bring in high-wage jobs and new businesses into the county.

The city also said no to a decision to allow urban chickens within city limits. The unofficial results showed that more people do not want the chickens. Less than 1,000 votes separated the decision

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Here are tallies of the unofficial election results; these are provided by the Cascade County Elections Office:

Great Falls Mayor

Bob Kelly (Inc.): 9,181 (78%)

Spencer Galloway: 2,591 (22%)

Write-in: 52

Great Falls City Commissioner 

Owen Robinson: 7,618 (32%)

Mary Sheehy Moe: 7,157 (30%)

Rick Tryon: 6,432 (27%)

Fred Burrow: 2,336 (10%) *Burow withdrew from the race several weeks ago

Write-in: 65

Great Falls Urban Chickens

No: 6,646 (52%)

Yes: 6,040 (48%)

Cascade County Economic Development Levy

No: 11,749 (66%)

Yes: 5,977 (34%)

*All results are unofficial