Chris Christensen

HAMILTON – On Monday, a jury found former Florence doctor Chris Christensen guilty on more than 20 charges, including negligent homicide for overprescribing and misprescribing prescription drugs.

Monday’s jury decision means that Christensen could be sentenced to up to 405 years behind bars.

“The direct reflection of this case is [that] you can’t do this. The medical community recognizes this, this guy was an outlier. This guy was not the norm,” Ravalli County Attorney Bill Fullbright said.

Christensen faced 22 charges; two negligent homicide charges, nine counts of criminal endangerment, and 11 counts of distribution of dangerous drugs following the trial that lasted four weeks.

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“This is a nice day of justice for the families of these victims, including Greg Griffin and Kara Philbrick, who are no longer with us,” Fullbright said. “I think their families can take a little solace that somebody is paying attention, this jury paid attention and is speaking up on their behalf.”

The mother of one of the negligent homicide victims who testified early in the trial said she was grateful for the prosecutors and the criminal justice system for how it delivered justice for her son.

Christensen’s sentencing is set for Dec. 27.

MTN’s Augusta McDonnell