Now that the Holiday season is upon us, people have started to make their shopping lists. This year, many people will do their much of their holiday shopping online.

It’s important to make sure those presents are safe, once they’re delivered to your home. Statistics show that package theft is on the rise in the US.

“Obviously one of the things that have come about through the cyberage over the last few years is packages get delivered to our homes and a lot of times, it’s when we are not there,” said Travis Munter, Operations Sergeant for Bozeman Police Department.

If you know that you’re not going to be home, there are several things you can do to protect your online purchases to make sure they’ll be safe.

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“Get it rerouted to where you’re going to be at the time it’s going to be delivered,” suggested Munter. “If you can’t be home and it’s going to go there getting an update, sign up for an update to know it’s going to be delivered.”

“Let your neighbors know that you’re going to have a package come,” said Munter. “Make arrangements if they’re going to be around that maybe they can help out and watch it or pick it up for you.”

If you don’t know where you’re going to be during the time your packages are delivered, there are some at home defenses you can use.

“There are a lot of technological things and having a camera, a front door camera, is one of those things,” said Munter. “There are plenty of options out there for things like that.”

If your neighbors are usually at home and they see some suspicious activity, here are some tips on what they can do in your absence.

“If you get home and it’s not there, definitely report it to us as soon as you can,” said Munter. “Calling us and giving us a physical description. If you see them associated with the vehicle, that would be great to get a license plate, vehicle description, make and model as best as you can if you’re familiar with cars.  That and along with the technology, those things are going to be the best ways to keep our packages safe.”

Munter added that the more information law enforcement receives, if your package is stolen, the better their chances of catching the thief.