Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton

HELENA – Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton returned home Thursday afternoon following a heart attack and surgery.

Doctors told Dutton he experienced a “widowmaker” heart attack Tuesday in Park County while traveling to Miles City for a meeting. Dutton’s left descending coronary artery was completely blocked.

Dutton was taken by ambulance from Livingston to Bozeman.

According to Dutton, the doctors at Bozeman Health Deaconess Cardiac Cath lab began treating him with just minutes to spare. A stent was placed in the artery to clear the blockage.

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Follow-up tests showed no deficit in heart function for Dutton.

The sheriff was discharged from the Bozeman hospital early Thursday afternoon and sent home to Helena. He’s been told to spend the next 10 days resting and then return to light duty and cardiac rehab.

Dutton says he’s grateful for all the prayers and well-wishes he’s received in the past two days.