GREAT FALLS – The Cascade County Sheriff’s Office is concerned after a flyer was left on some people’s cars during a Neighborhood Council 5 meeting on Monday.

The meeting featured a presentation by a spokesman for the proposed Madison Food Park, which has generated heated debate. Dozens of people attended the meeting; dozens more were prevented from getting inside because the room was full.

A citizen alerted the Sheriff’s Office, they took the flyer as a threat to the commissioners.

At first glance, and in bold underlined letters, the flyer reads: “Slaughter Commissioners Briggs, Weber & Larson,” referring to Cascade County Commissioners Joe Briggs, Jane Webber and Jim Larson.

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But in much smaller type, the flyer includes “Stop the” and “house !!!” positioned on either side of the word slaughter.

Captain Scott Van Dyken said the Sheriff’s Office will provide a law enforcement presence for future meetings concerning the Madison Food Park.

“We totally understand that people are passionate about their beliefs. We are not taking a side one way or another on it. Our job is to ensure public safety for both sides because there can be people that are passionate on both sides and take things to the extreme. Hopefully no one does anything but we are going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” Van Dyken said.

Van Dyken said they are hoping to speak with the person or persons who made the flyer.

It’s unclear how many flyers were placed on cars.