Police arrested a man following a car chase on Billings South Side Wednesday night. Q2 News photo by Paul Humphrey.

BILLINGS – On Wednesday night, Montana Highway Patrol troopers rammed into a vehicle and arrested at least one person on Billings South Side near the corner of South 27th Street and Fourth Avenue South.

The driver of the dark pickup had apparently been slowed by spike strips placed by police near the scene.

Police had been searching for a vehicle with a similar description involved in a stabbing earlier Wednesday at the Lewis and Clark Motel. A Montana Highway Patrol sergeant told MTN News that they suspect it’s the same vehicle but are continuing the investigation.

Officers apprehended the male driver and a female passenger. The male driver, who police confirmed was the stabbing suspect, was arrested on suspicion of stealing the vehicle, Sgt. Matthew Lennick told MTN.

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The stabbing victim has not cooperated with police, Lennick said.

The suspect was spotted driving a green pick-up truck Wednesday afternoon on Pryor Creek Road, Billings police then located the vehicle on King Avenue East.

With police in pursuit, the vehicle then headed south on South Billings Boulevard and onto Blue Creek Road. Troopers then attempted to stop the vehicle northbound on Blue Creek.

The chase then went onto South Frontage Road and then to South 27th Street. The vehicle  ran over spike strips placed by police that flattened the two right tires.

Troopers later rammed the vehicle and stopped it in a field at South 27th and 4th Avenue South just north of Lee’s Saloon.

This is a developing story.