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Courtesy NBC

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and it will cost the average American family just under $50 to cook a meal according to the American farm bureau federation.

One New York City restaurant is selling a Thanksgiving package at a price that’s 1,500 as expensive.

You might not expect a steakhouse to hold the crown as the best place to be on turkey day, but at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City, they’ve got something no one else has: the world’s most expensive Thanksgiving experience at a total cost of $76,000.

So just what will $76,000 will get you? (Hint: It involves caviar-topped sweet potatoes and gravy infused with $3,000 cognac)

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“What we focused on is using the most expensive ingredients that we possibly could find from all over the world,” said Mark Sherry, the restaurant owner.

From $100 imported oysters to prized Wagyu beef lollipops that cost $475 per pound, Sherry and his staff pull out all the stops

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“The sweet potatoes have $1,600 an ounce caviar on it from the Caspian Sea,” He said. “Our bacon, you’re not going to find it in the supermarket, it’s the most expensive bacon in the world.”

The cranberry sauce is infused with $800 orange liqueur. The Gravy is infused with a special reserve Cognac that costs over $3,000. And then there’s the stuffing.

“For $76,000 I cannot chop up white bread and put it in the stuffing. This is made from sourdough from the UK that we’ve imported,” Sherry added. “My mom makes a great stuffing that she imports from Stouffers.”

But if it’sThanksgivingg, it’s all about the turkey

“The main dish is a farm-raised organically grown turkey. My turkey costs $105 a pound, it’s not a Butterball.”

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NBC reporter, Zack Guzman got to try the meal. So what did he think?

“That is the best meal i’ve ever tasted. This is the best day of my life.”

And the Thanksgiving package doesn’t stop there. It also includes four tickets to Hamilton, a $7,500 shopping spree on fifth avenue, a two-night stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel overlooking Central Park, a horse-drawn carriage ride and to top it all off an Oolease┬áNardahn watch that costs over $20,000.

“Not only is this a culinary extravaganza, it’s a cornucopia of inedible amenities.”

Believe it or not, Old Homestead says it sold seven of their Thanksgiving packages last year at $50,000 each.