Courtesy NBC
Courtesy NBC

(NBC News) With the holidays coming up, many families will be flying with young children, and it is important for parents to know the best way to fly with them.

Even though kids under age of 2 are permitted to sit on their parents’ laps on airplanes, many safety experts recommend also taking car seats when flying. Unexpected turbulence can jostle anything or anyone left unsecured.

“Things are hitting the ceiling. Things are flying all over that aircraft. We don’t want our most precious cargo, being our child, to be that object,” said Sarah Tilton of Britax Child Safety.

Major brands like Britax have seats that can be taken on airplanes, but not all safety seats on the market are Federal Aviation Administration approved.

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All car seats have a label right on the side stating in red letters if it can be used for air travel. A good rule to make sure your seat will actually fit on the airplane is to make sure it is no wider than 16 inches.

Another, smaller and easily transportable option is the FAA approved “cares harness” that converts airplane lap belts into a harness.

Here’s a website that compiled the best car seats for flying and other important information to know before traveling with a car seat.