Courtesy: Montana Department of Commerce

HELENA – Winter is coming and for a lot of people, that means it’s time to head outdoors for some skiing or snowboarding.

The Montana Department of Commerce is hoping to bring in those winter enthusiasts from all over the country to the Treasure State with its new winter tourism campaign.

As people begin to transition into the snowy season swapping hiking boots for ski boots, these tourism campaigns transition as well, targeting specific visitors across the nation.

“Individuals who have a household income of over $75,000, take at least one trip a year and there’s no age skew to it,” explained Commerce Consumer marketing Manager Raylee Honeycutt.

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In Montana, tourism means big money and Honeycutt said each visitor is an opportunity for the state to make a profit.

“For every visitor that we bring into the state of Montana, ideally they’re putting in about $82 into the economy for every dollar we spend, so we want those individuals that are a little more affluent and willing to stay longer, spend more money in our communities while they’re here visiting,” added Honeycutt.

Courtesy: Montana Department of Commerce

Using Wisconsin based marketing firm Hoffman York, the state Commerce Department also partnered with Montana photographers and videographers to create these new images.

A $154,000 survey was previously done by the state showed one of Montana’s biggest competitors when it comes to attracting tourists is Colorado. This campaign used that data and is designed to show off the different ski and snowboarding opportunities.

“Tell them [potential tourists] ya know, our terrain is as epic as Colorado. We kind of have the whole package with great terrain, great hospitality and the great experience when you’re skiing,” Honeycutt said proudly.

Honeycutt also said the shorter lines at ski resorts make a big difference for tourists compared to resorts in other winter destination areas.

Not only will these ads be seen online and in magazines, Honeycutt said this winter campaign will have a larger presence on television, “Along with a couple of unique spots in the U.S. Olympic trials.”

Courtesy: Montana Department of Commerce

Plus, a new chat-bot is rolling out on social media platforms to make it easier for potential tourists to plan their trips.

Another new feature, a Facebook Live event on Whitefish Mountain that will allow users to see first-hand what the terrain looks like.

The images will look similar as previous campaigns, with the same search bar and geographic locater and these winter ads have the same goal.

“To continue to tell the Montana story and help support the Montana economy and bring in those visitors in to share the treasure that we really do have,” Honeycutt said.

This winter campaign will run through mid-March of 2018 and then the warm season campaign will roll out again.