The defense for former Florence doctor Chris Christensen has been calling witnesses on Monday. (MTN News/Augusta McDonnell photo)

HAMILTON – The trial of former Florence doctor Chris Christensen continued on Monday with the defense witnesses taking the stand.

Christensen is accused of 22 felony charges — including two negligent homicide charges — for over-prescribing and misprescribing opioid painkillers and other drugs.

Prosecutors called over two dozen witnesses to the stand before they rested their case in a Hamilton courtroom late last week.

Attorneys for Christensen called a doctor to the stand on Monday morning who said that while Christensen’s work was “atrocious” by today’s standards, it was acceptable a few years ago when he was practicing.

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Testimony continued with a discussion of the mixtures of drugs prescribed and the records that Christensen kept in case of a deceased patient.

We have a reporter in the courtroom and will have a full report of testimony during the as the information comes in. You can also follow along with the day’s developments here.