HELENA – On Friday, the Lewis and Clark Library hosted the seventh Annual Turkey Challenge.

Every year the Helena Food Share needs turkey donations in order to feed hungry families in the Helena area. The Turkey Challenge is a fun way to get the community involved.

“We like to consider Lewis and Clark Library (the) community’s living room, we would just like to be open for people to experience Thanksgiving,” said John Finn, Lewis and Clark Library Director.

Finn said as soon as the event started at 9 a.m., people were dropping off frozen turkeys.

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This year, their goal was 1,500 turkeys to contribute to the some 2,000 they plan to hand out between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

By 5:30 p.m., the Helena Food Share reported to that over 2,000 turkeys had been collected.  Helena Food Share exceeded their goal allowing them to feed more than 2,200 families facing hunger during the holiday season

Local organizations, Helena Fire, the Montana Highway Patrol and volunteers were there for the challenge.

“You know this is something really neat around the holidays, it just makes the holidays a little bit better, we are happy to come down here, help bring in a turkey or two, meet some folks and have a good time,” Neil Koehler, Captain Helena Fire Dept.

Non-perishable foods and monetary donations were collected as well, Bruce Day, the CEO of Helena Food Share said for $25 The Food Share could provide a holiday meal for a family.

“When we get to give the turkeys away…. I mean, it feels really good to be able to spread that generosity and share that wealth with people who are not otherwise able to put a holiday meal on their table maybe,” said Day

For more information about the Helena Food Share, click here.