BOZEMAN – The skier caught in the avalanche in Truman Gulch is recovering tonight.

MTN’s Kenneth Webb was there as the skier was taken off the mountain and has this exclusive report.

According to Deputy Erin Taylor with the Gallatin County Sheriff Office, a skier was caught in the backcountry in the Bridger Mountains.

“The skier tumbled quite a ways and was buried for a bit, but then resurfaced and had a knee injury,” Deputy Taylor said.

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He called his friends and they had a direct line to Bridger Bowl and Bridger Bowl called us and we initiated a backcountry ski search.

The search and rescue team was called out at approximately 4 p.m. on Friday.

The rescue took three and half hours to complete.

The skier was able to climb out of the avalanche and call his friends for help.

“His friends were in the area, but he was actually by himself when the avalanche occurred,” Deputy Taylor said.

The search and rescue team found the skier and transported him down Truman Gulch.

“Skiing in the backcountry is very risky and this skier is one lucky guy to make it out safe,” the Gallatin County Sheriff said.

“Skiing in the backcountry does not come without risks, especially after the new snowfall. You should be skiing with partners and you know a rescue like this involves a lot of people and we are super thankful for our search and rescue community,” said Deputy Taylor

Search and Rescue came out in the cold weather and with very difficult terrain made this happen.

The skier is alright and is in good spirits. He is being transported to BDH (Bozeman Deaconess Hospital) by ambulance.

According to Sheriff Brian Gootkin, “if you’re injured during an avalanche or in the backcountry, a rescue can be a complicated affair so calling 911 early can make it less so.”

Reporting from Truman Gulch in Northern Gallatin County…Kenneth Webb…MTN News.

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