THREE FORKS – A Three Forks woman whose sheriff’s deputy husband was killed in the line of duty earlier this year continues to honor his memory.

In October, Jodi Moore began the project of making 2018 calendar with Bozeman photographer Jeff Krogstad, featuring Montana law enforcement. Moore wanted a way to honor the memory of her late husband, Mason Moore and give back to his brothers and sisters in blue.

The calendar sales began Friday on a windy and cold night at the Three Forks Christmas Stroll.

“I love them. I think they’re wonderful. Very excited,” said Moore.

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The calendar and other merchandise are all part of the Mason Moore Foundation, created by Jodi to honor her husband. Her goal is to educate the public about who our law enforcement officers are and for those officers to feel appreciated, loved and supported.

She’s also working to help local law enforcement agencies meet small financial needs in their departments.

“Through a grant process, we’re working on that right now,” said Moore. “The intent is to be able to help them with things that maybe they don’t ordinarily get funding through other ways. Like vests or possibly even a canine. Expenses with that or just small expenses that we might be able to help with.”

Moore said the whole process of creating and publishing the calendars has been very helpful to her and her family.

“The (October) day where we took the pictures and had all of the officers there, it was just a really special day, just seeing them all talking to each other and networking and meeting each other, it was just really special day and special process,” said Moore.

Even with all the love and support her family has received from across Montana following the death of Deputy Moore, Moore still has days when things are just hard.

“A friend of mine told me when she lost her husband, she said, ‘just fake it till you make it.’ And that’s kind of what I’m going with,” said Moore. “Just trying to do the best I can. Every day I have some sort of emotional difficulty.”

Despite the immense loss of her husband, Moore is using her work with the foundation to forge a positive memory of Mason.

“And I just really want to carry on his life of service and his love for his community and for his family and his friends,” said Moore. “That needs to be the period at the end of the sentence…Not what happened to him, but it needs to be about love.”

Find out more about the foundation here.