Class Act: school Christmas programs make memories

HELENA- It is the season for holiday traditions and one many people have participated in growing up is the school Christmas and holiday program.

On Wednesday, 400 Rossiter Elementary students sang classic holiday songs to hundreds of family and friends who packed the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds.

Sarah Dramstad, Rossiter’s music teacher, directed the students and the show.

“I really like introducing these kids to music that has been part of American culture for decades, and its a way to connect with their own family’s and their own you know history’s,” said Dramstad.

The kids sang holiday classics like Frosty the Snowman and Joy to the World.

Kadi Lilivette, a 5th grader, said she had a favorite song.

“Probably “Walking into Winter Wonderland,” and just singing it with my friends and watching my family in the audience,” said Lilivette.

The programs help make holiday memories for the students and their families.

“I think my favorite part is when kids come back to me after the weekend and say miss Dramstad guess what?! I was singing my song to my grandma, and she already knew, and we sang it together!” said Dramstad.

School across the Helena valley are holding their holiday concerts and programs this week.