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WASHINGTON- The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 along party lines Thursday to repeal Obama era net neutrality rules.

In a news release following the vote, the FCC says it is restoring the “longstanding, bipartisan light-touch regulatory framework that has fostered rapid Internet growth, openness, and freedom for nearly 20 years.”

The FCC’s ruling:

  • Restores the classification of broadband Internet access service as an “information
    service” under Title I of the Communications Act
  • Reinstates the classification of mobile broadband Internet access service as a private
    mobile service.
  • Restores broadband consumer protection authority to the Federal Trade Commission
  • Requires that ISPs disclose information about their practices to consumers,
    entrepreneurs, and the Commission, including any blocking, throttling, paid
    prioritization, or affiliated prioritization.
  • Eliminates the Internet Conduct Standard.

The FCC’s ruling takes effect immediately.

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The decision to repeal the Obama rules has been widely criticized. Net neutrality rules required all traffic on the internet be treated equally and prevented internet service providers from speeding up or slowing down service based on the content or the customer.

Opponents have said they plan to challenge the ruling in court.

You can read the entire FCC news release here.