HELENA- Fish, Wildlife, and Parks said it plans to continue to use recycled Christmas trees to create perch habitat in Canyon Ferry and Tiber Reservoirs.

Last year FWP suspended the program because tests had shown possible invasive mussels in the two water bodies.

There was concern sinking the trees in the reservoirs could create an additional surface for mussel larvae to cling to, but all tests for mussels this year have come back negative.

Thomas Woolf, The Aquatic Invasive Species Bureau Chief for FWP, said since Tiber and Canyon Ferry Reservoirs are such large bodies of water, adding the recycled pines wouldn’t make a difference either way.

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“It’s going to be a long-term process looking for these things, continuing with that inspection program in Tiber and Canyon Ferry, trying to figure out whats going on out there where the mussels are at and if they are there at all at this point,” said Woolf.

Woolf said people should continue to take all precautions to prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species in Montana waters. That includes making sure you clean, drain and dry watercraft and gear before moving from one waterbody to another.