GREAT FALLS – Billings’ City Commission last week selected Greg Doyon to be their new city administrator.

Doyon has served as the Great Falls city manager since 2008.

He has yet to comment on whether he will be taking the job in Billings, but Mayor Bob Kelly says that if Doyon takes the job, Great Falls would lose a great asset to the community.

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“The fact that the Billings City Commission has voted 9-0 to offer Greg the job, indicates the talent and the person that we knew we had here with Mr. Doyon. We wish him the best of luck in making his decision and we hope he does what’s best for himself and his family,” Mayor Bob Kelly said.

If Doyon decides to take the position, the mayor said that the process can take up to six months to find a replacement.

Until then, Deputy City Manager Chuck Anderson will take on city manager duties.

Anderson will have to look at the blueprints to pick up where Doyon left off and follow up on concerns and issues in the community. Anderson will have a full plate with responsibilities ranging from educating the new commission to formulating issues for the ballot in May.

Although no decisions have been made yet, the mayor said they are prepared to find a replacement.

“We want someone who has experience. This is not a job that you start fresh and learn on the job. You come with a background. There’s professional organizations that these folks are part of. So we want someone who stands out in that. We want someone who has done a similar size city and has faced similar challenges. And we want someone who our department heads will be comfortable working with,” Kelly said.

MTN’s Elizabeth Transue