A magnified image of U.S. currency. Courtesy: U.S. Secret Service

GREAT FALLS- The Great Falls Police Department is warning businesses and consumers to be alert after several complaints of counterfeit currency.

According to the department, a large portion of the fake bills have been used at local businesses; but police say private sellers are also at risk.

Fake currency police are investigating include $20, $50 and $100 bills.

People are asked to watch out for people buying low-cost items and trying to pay using bills like a $50 or $100.

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The scammers may also try to visit during busy times. Like a lunch hour at a restaurant when clerks and cashiers may be distracted.

GFPD asks anyone who thinks they may be possession of counterfeit money contact the department at 406-727-7688 ext. 5.

People with information on the production or use of counterfeit currency should contact Detective Sergeant Jason Mitchell at 406-455-8493 or send a private message through the department’s Facebook page.

For tips on spotting fake money check out the U.S. Secret Service’s Know Your Money page.