Nickolas Edward Salle

HELENA- A Helena defendant has been charged with assaulting a nine-month-old child earlier this month.

Nickolas Edward Salle was seen via video Tuesday in Lewis and Clark County Justice Court.

Charging documents allege bruising began to appear on the nine-month-old victim after Salle was left alone with the child for more than an hour on the 16th of this month.

Investigators say doctors reported the bruising – appearing on the child’s right cheek and continuing up past his right temple – was non-accidental.

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Salle, 23, allegedly told investigators the child might have struck his head against a crib.

While Salle denied having any anger issues, officers observed at least three doors at Salle’s residence were damaged by punching or kicking.

If convicted, Salle could spend 20 years in the state prison.

His bond has been set at $50,000.


  1. Hope they throw the book at him. He’s skated through life getting away with his behaviors and riding on daddy’s shirttails. It’s yime someone makes him take accountability for his actions.