Here’s why Helena’s water will taste normal again

HELENA – The taste of Helena’s water will soon return to normal after the completion of a maintenance project at the Ten Mile Treatment Facility west of Helena.

Crews began to make modifications to the plant in the beginning of October to extend and protect the plant for the future. The Missouri River Treatment Plant provided water to the city while that work was underway, but because that water had a different chemistry than the Ten Mile facility, it may have tasted different.

According to Water Production Superintendent Jason Fladland, the work included modifying the coatings on the inside of steel tanks inside the facility and replacing Contact Absorption Clarifiers (CACs) necessary to treat the water. Those clarifiers had been in use for 27 years and became less effective.

The improvements will help the facility run for another 25 to 30 years.

“The facility itself is in great shape. After all these years of service, we produce 2.1 billion gallons of water annually every year for the city of Helena,” Fladland said. “For the amount of services this facility has done, it is in amazing, great shape.”

It will take some time for the new water source to get cycled through the city. You will notice the old familiar taste in the next couple weeks – maybe as soon as this Friday.