Holiday wreaths at Helena cemetery honor veterans

HELENA – Christmas Wreaths were put on display at Resurrection Cemetery this month to honor and remember veterans during the holidays.

The wreaths were placed by the Montana Field of Honor, and represent all Montana Veterans and POW-MIA-KIA service members so that their sacrifices are not forgotten.

The Montana Field of Honor is a small group of anonymous volunteers who are sponsored by individuals and businesses.


Delane Bibler of the organization said this is a small thing they can do for those who serve.

“Any of us that live in the United States enjoy benefits and privileges that no other county in the world enjoys,” said Bibler, “And it is primarily because of our veteran sacrifices, many many generations of veteran sacrifices.”

Bibler added that those sacrifices are still being made today and every day.

For more information about Montana Field of Honor, you can contact the organization by calling 406-488-5029 or by email delanebibler@gmail.com