GREAT FALLS- New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest DUI nights of the year, and while many will spend the holiday with family and friends, some will volunteer through a program called Home Free.

Miracle Mile along with Ox and Son Towing has partnered with Home Free to get people home safely on New Year’s Eve.

The program is celebrating 32 years and has helped over 200 people.

Home Free Program Director Gerry Knight said he’s shared flyers with bars across town and on Facebook, which has been shared hundreds of times.

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He added that he knows the tragic aftermath of an alcohol-involved accident all too well.

“What I would like folks to take with them today is, I don’t want that to be me next,” he said. “Not only the loss of the vehicle but the loss of a lot of potential financial resources from the repercussions of a DUI. The possibility of loss of life. That is paramount. We have got to take care of each other.”

The Montana Highway Patrol said they would also step up to keep the roads safe by having more patrol on duty along with the city and county departments.

If you need a ride home on New Year’s Eve, call 406-453-3801.

A tow truck will pick you up and drive you and your car safely home.

Knight recommends saving the number in your phone before your night begins.

-Elizabeth Transue reporting for MTN