KALISPELL – Rebecca Farm is a popular place for equestrian events in the summer, but this weekend they will host their first winter event in the form of a skijoring competition.

Rebecca Farm is a household name here in the Flathead Valley, and they are adding another popular event to their resume this weekend, as they will host their first Skijoring competition.

The event will have three divisions, novice for first timers, sport for the intermediate and open for the professionals. Lakeside usually does this event but this year they handed it over to Rebecca Farm and event director Sarah Broussard says she is ready to host it finally.

“It’s pretty exciting for us to add something during the winter here at Rebecca Farm. We have a great facility for hosting things like this and we’re very excited to have Skijoring as a kind of you could say a feather in our hat,” Broussard said.

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Tyler Smedsrud and Richard Weber from Colorado have been setting up the course this week, and they say it will be a straight course with lots of speed but perfect for any skill level.

“The jumps will be big; open jumps will be five to seven feet, novice jumps will be probably three to four feet. So, this track will be a good straight track for anybody to compete in as well as pros to compete in.”

Smedsrud and Weber aren’t just the builders of the course; they compete as well. Smedsrud says that there’s nothing quite like the Skijoring community and the atmosphere is unique.

“You got cowboys, and you got skiers. So, you got kind of a different mix of people to begin with, and so right off the bat there’s comradery that’s different than any other sport,” Smedsrud said.

And if you were wondering if you should give it shot, Weber had this to say: “You don’t need a whole lot of experience. If you can control your horse or if you’re a decent skier come on out and get in the novice and give it a try and once you do it once you’re going to be hooked. I mean, it’s a lot of fun.”

Crews were hard at work on Thursday, and the snow was coming down, but come Saturday morning this entire place will be transformed as horses will be galloping through the snow and skiers will be flying off the jumps.

The event will take place on both Saturday and Sunday, and there is a total of $25,000 that will be distributed to the winners.

-Jack Ginsburg reporting for MTN