HELENA- An argument over a cigarette lighter leads to a charge of Felony Assault with a Weapon.

Lewis and Clark County prosecutors alleged John A. Lowrie struck an individual several times in the head with a hammer early Sunday morning.

Charging documents say Lowrie approached the individual Christmas Eve morning at a residence on Strandberg Drive, asking to borrow a lighter.

The individual told Lowrie he was trying to go to sleep and to leave him alone.

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Lowrie allegedly returned to the victim’s room holding a hammer.

In the melee that followed, the victim allegedly struck Lowrie before Lowrie allegedly struck the victim multiple times in the head with the hammer, causing a skull fracture.

The victim and Lowrie ended up in Lowrie’s room where Lowrie is alleged to have continued to strike the victim with the hammer.

Bond in the case is set at $20,000.00.

Lowrie will be arraigned next month.