HELENA- A Montana grown business featured this time last year in our weekly Montana Made segment has been named one of the best products of 2017 by a national publication.

Vitamin Retailer Magazine named Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy to its top ten list for the year.

According to the magazine, they research hundreds of products and narrow those down to the top ten, based on ingredients, delivery system, consumer need and popularity.

Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy started being sold in 2014 after five years of formulating the products. It uses science to help you create healing hot springs in your own home bath tub or hot tub.

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Creators Brandon and Julie Price say being highlighted by Vitamin Retailer is an exciting honor.

“When they sent the email it was kind of one of those things where you click into it, we’d been working with them, and you reread it,” says Julie. “It was just super exciting to see that we’re reaching out to people that we can help and that we get this reward for continuing to grow.”

Brandon adds, “It was just like a giant gold star. You know when you’re in school and you do really well on something and you get the star and this feeling of accomplishment, that somebody out there noticed what we were doing and that it was different and tested it out and it turns out it’s one of the top ten new products of 2017. Nationally. And so we were very excited.”

The Price’s have expanded their product line to include sprays that can be applied directly to the skin, for a more portable and immediate use.

The couple says 2018 will bring expansion into more retailers. They will attend their 14th trade show of 2017 this weekend.