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Montana volunteers are on the fire-lines this week in Southern California, helping to battle huge, wind-driven blazes.

54 Montana wildland firefighters and 16 wildland engines were dispatched to California from Montana Wednesday.

The State of Montana received a request from California Tuesday afternoon and Montana Disaster and Emergency Services put out the call that night.

Firefighters and wildland equipment from 14 separate city, county, rural and volunteer fire departments statewide answered.

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“Response has been incredibly positive,” said Delila Bruno, Administrator of Montana Disaster and Emergency Services. “People eager to help out, especially coming off a fire year as extreme as we had here in Montana, this is our way to help those who helped us previously in this year.

Bruno added, “We’re just really thrilled with the amount of interest with our local fire departments that were able to step up and volunteer…Really proud of the work that they are doing and wish them well.”

The strike team and two task forces from Montana are scheduled to spend the next 16-days in Southern California.