HELENA- The Montana Lottery drew the winning numbers for the annual “Montana Millionaire” on Friday morning.

The million-dollar ticket was sold in Butte. The winning number is 024279.

There were three tickets worth $100,000 each; one was sold in Butte, and two were sold in Great Falls. The winning numbers are 083597, 023452, and 147877

There were five $10,000 tickets sold; two were sold in Billings, and one each was sold in Glasgow, Laurel, and Hamilton.

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The 150,000 Montana Millionaire tickets sold out on Dec. 15, the earliest ever for the game.

The winning numbers were chosen by a Random Number Generator(RNG) computer that has been certified to use by the Montana Lottery. Before the machine can be used for the drawing of numbers it had to go through rigorous testing to ensure the numbers were truly random.

This is the 11th year the game has been run by the Montana Lottery and Montana Millionaire has paid out over $13 million since its inception.

Montana Lottery Communication director Jennifer McKee says that this is always an exciting day because this program was designed to make a Montanan a millionaire.

“Every year it’s always so exciting,” said McKee, “The day we draw the actual winner is just a fun day around here because somebody is going to be a millionaire at the end of today.”

Also on Friday morning, lottery representatives drew an additional 77 $500 winners. The additional special drawing was due to an operator error in defining the $500 instant win prizes.

To see the full list of winning tickets go to the Montana Lottery’s website.

-John Riley and David Sherman contributed to this report for MTN