A WINTER STORM WARNING is in effect until Saturday evening for 42 of the 56 counties in the state of Montana. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect for parts of southern Montana until Saturday evening. A WIND CHILL ADVISORY is in effect for counties in northeastern Montana until Friday morning.

Only a week has passed since the official start of winter, but Montana has already seen plenty of winter weather.  After a white Christmas followed by a bit of sunshine, snow has begun to fall again in areas across the state.  This storm will continue to move in overnight tonight into tomorrow, and we will see snowfall all the way until late Saturday night into Sunday morning.  This snow event will result in up to 24 inches of snow in some of the higher elevations, but most of the state, especially the central part going diagonally from northwestern to southeastern Montana, will see at least 4-6 inches through Saturday night.  With this snow, road conditions are expected to be very hazardous.  Travel across the state this weekend will be dangerous and difficult.  If you must drive, please make sure to have emergency supplies on hand and leave early to account for slower speeds.  In addition to the snow, arctic air is keeping temperatures frigid, and it’s going to stay that way until we say goodbye to 2017.  We’ll start the new year off relatively warmer, but temperatures will still stay around or below the freezing point.

Bundle up out there, and drive safely!

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Katie Alexander

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A proud graduate of the University of Missouri, Katie chose to major in meteorology when a severe winter storm hit her college town, canceling class for almost a week. She was taking an introductory meteorology course and was fascinated learning how and why the storm came through. After college, Katie moved to Madrid, Spain to teach English for a year, enjoying the mild Mediterranean climate. However, Katie is no stranger to severe weather. Growing up in St. Louis, she has seen everything from flash flooding and funnel clouds to extreme thunderstorms and even thundersnow! But even with all of this experience, nothing could prepare her for winter in Montana. Despite the harsh winter, Katie is excited to forecast and learn about mountain weather patterns, and to live in a state with such fantastic mountains and top-notch stargazing. Katie is the meteorologist on Daybreak, every morning at 6.