BILLINGS- Fish, Wildlife, and Parks says hunters killed more than 100 deer during the first weekend of a special Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) hunt in southern Montana.

The check station in Joliet recorded at least 107 deer. Hunters brought in 73 mule deer and 34 white-tailed deer.

Tissue samples from the deer will be tested to see if the animals carry CWD. The results from the first samples are expected in a couple of weeks.

The hunt was designed to give game managers a better picture of the spread of CWD in Carbon County. During the general hunting season, six deer harvested in that area tested positive for CWD. Chronic Wasting Disease is always fatal for the animals infected.

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FWP issued 600 licenses for each species, mule deer and white-tailed, and set a quota of 200 animals for each species.

The hunt will go until the quotas are reached, or February 15, whichever occurs first.

For more information on the special hunt or CWD go to FWP’s website.