Pondera County Sheriff Carl Suta has accepted a plea agreement in an assault case that is pending in Pondera County Court.

Suta will plead no contest to the charge of partner/family member assault.

According to court documents, the victim told investigators that Suta had kicked him while he was “curled up on the ground.” Suta admitted to kicking the victim in the case.

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In accordance with the plea agreement, Suta’s sentence will be deferred for one year, and he will have to either spend 24 hours in jail or three days under house arrest.

Suta will also agree to pay a fine of $1,000 and complete 40 hours of counseling with a focus on violence and controlling behavior.

In addition, the agreement stipulates that Suta will not possess any firearms during the period of the deferred sentence.

Eric Sell, a spokesman for the Montana Department of Justice said there is no legal requirement that a sheriff carry a firearm in order to hold the position

The job of sheriff in Montana is an elected position, and carrying a gun is not a requirement to be elected.

Suta will have a change of plea and sentencing hearing on Dec. 22.