HELENA- A special tree made for this year’s Festival of Trees to benefit Intermountain made its way home today.

Alizajane Sark spent the year earning money to make her zoo-themed tree for this year’s festival – with a special request that the tree be donated back to the children of Intermountain.

Thursday she put the tree and its accompanying treasure of toys in their new home where eight children in the care of Intermountain live.

Of what she hopes their reaction will be, Alizajane says “I really hope they will – that their eyes are just going to bling out – and their mouths’ just going to drop when they see how much is here. It’s just going to look really, really cool – I hope.”

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Cottage Supervisor Justin Sells says Alizajane’s efforts will be meaningful to the kids.

“Christmas can be a really hard time for a lot of our kids, being away from their families,” he explains. “I really appreciate how the community wraps around us, especially during the holidays. The kids will be so excited and happy to see all of the things that she brought.”

Sell continues on to say he hopes Alizajane’s gift will have an even greater impact on the kids beyond giving them joy this Christmas.

“It’s a great role model for them to see how you can care for others and how – we talk a lot to them about what they can do, doing good feels good, so what you can do for others to help yourself feel better about your situation and about life,” says Sell. “So it’ll be great for them to see it in action, somebody doing it.”

The purchasers of the tree wish to remain anonymous – they bought Alizajane’s tree for $800.

This is her second year decorating a tree for the festival and asking that it be donated back to the children of Intermountain.