HELENA – First responders, federal agencies, nonprofits and more came together on Friday for the Montana Wildfire Early Recovery Workshop.

The Montana Community Foundation and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy hosted the event Friday as a response to the devastating 2017 fire season in Montana.

This year, two lives were lost fighting Montana fires and nearly 1.3 million acres were burned. This season will go down as the most expensive season on record for the state.

The goal of Friday’s plan was to develop ideas on how to address the needs and help in future disasters.

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Montana Community Foundation President Mary Rutherford said that this is just the starting point for shaping how the state responds to disasters in the future.

“It’s been enlightening to hear some common themes that have seemed to come up as we talk to potential attendees today as well as panelists,” said Rutherford, “And you know just identify what are those common themes and what is next.”

MTN is a proud partner of The Montana Community Foundation.

Working together and through the generous support of Montanans and others around the nation, the Montana Wildfire Relief Fund raised more than $500,000 for wildfire relief.