(HELENA) Water service was restored to a Helena neighborhood Friday, after crews repaired a water main that broke Thursday night.

The break happened around 8 p.m., under the intersection of Lamborn Street and Winne Avenue.

Kevin Hart, Helena’s utilities maintenance superintendent, said it was a complicated job to fix the main, because of frost in the ground and because of the other water, gas and phone lines running through the area.

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A number of homes on Lamborn were without water service for much of Friday, as was Intermountain’s residential campus.

Water also leaked onto the street, creating patches of ice north of the intersection. Hart asked drivers to be careful as they travel through that area.

Hart said it appeared the water main broke when the ground around it shifted. He said changing weather conditions may have played a role.

“As the temperatures change rapidly from bitter cold to warmer temperatures, you always get a little differential ground movement,” said Hart. “My suspicion is that that’s what caused the leak.”

Hart said city crews have responded to three water leaks in the last week and a half.

While the main was repaired Friday afternoon, work continued at the intersection through the evening. Hart said crews accidentally damaged a phone line while using digging equipment. Telephone workers made a temporary fix on Friday. They will likely return on Monday to finish the permanent repair.