Community members got to see the plans for the Great Falls High School additions and remodel.

Members of the community were invited to listen in on what the architects had planned so far, and enjoy some good food made by students of the high school.

A little more than $37 million was approved by voters to be used for remodeling the high school.

A big part of the additions is a connection between the north and south campuses of the school.

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Tom Moore, Assistant Superintendent for secondary schools, said this project has different challenges than the Giant Springs Elementary School currently under construction.

“[It’s a] little different here where you have an existing and you have a historic building that’s highly valued by our community, and we’re trying to remodel and retrofit, and upgrade the interior of the building, and also doing an addition that’s appeasing and pleasant to the aesthetic value, and historic components of the campus,” Moore said.

Community input is welcome on the renovations, and if you’d like to leave feedback or a comment about the renovations and remodel, click here.

Reporting by Tyler Cox for MTN News