HELENA – The Holter Museum of Art reopened Friday after being closed earlier this month to bring in new exhibits. Holter staff welcomed in the public for free at a reception to showcase the new works.

Every January the museum closes at the beginning of the month to refresh the content.

Close to Home by Dr. Richard Buswell, Lens to the Streets by Zachary Begler of Helena and Hall of Lesser Pleasures by Bonnie Lambert are the new exhibits on display.

According the museum’s website, Lens to the Street features a “photographic interpretation of individuals inhabiting the streets of Phoenix, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Helena, MT.”

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Holter Museum Executive Director Chris Riccardo said the exhibit is important because it fits nicely with the museum’s goal of elevating the conversation around community issues.

“I’m really happy to see this right here because this is what we really wanted to do is raise awareness of issues,” Riccardo said, referring to Lens to the Street. “A few years ago we decided we really wanted to be more socially conscious of things happening in our community. So this is kind of the first exhibit happening to try and deal with that.”

Also on display now are pieces chosen by newly minted Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins. Collins was selected as “Curator for a Day” and chose pieces of artwork that were in the museum’s archive to be displayed.

You can see the new exhibits for yourself at the Holter Museum in downtown Helena. Riccardo said the exhibits with by on display until around April.