Wayne A. Hussar

HELENA-A Helena man well known to law enforcement is sentenced to 10 years in the State Prison for assaulting a Sheriff’s Deputy.

Wayne A. Hussar was accused of Felony Assault on a Peace Officer this past April after he allegedly threatened to kill his wife.

Law enforcement was called to the 900 block of Forestvale Road on April 3rd, 2017 after Hussar allegedly pushed his wife to the ground, threatened to shoot her in the head and then fired a gun into her vehicle.

While in law enforcement custody at the Detention Center sally port, Hussar threatened to break a Sheriff’s Deputy’s leg. When the Deputy asked Hussar to enter the Detention Center, Hussar began resisting the deputy and eventually kicked the deputy.

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Tuesday in court, Hussar apologized to the court and the county attorney.

“I’m very sorry for pushing my wife to the ground,” said Hussar, “I apologized to the Deputy. I’m very sorry for what I’ve done.”

Judge James Reynolds sentenced Hussar to 10 years in the State Prison and a suspended jail sentence for second offense Partner Family Assault.

The judge ordered Hussar to register as a violent offender.

Hussar must serve this sentence consecutively with a three year revoked Department of Corrections sentence in a 2014 case.

You may recall the incident on Birdseye Road when several members of the Hussar family and their landlord were involved in a violent melee over unpaid rent.

That incident ended with the landlord’s pickup being shot several times.

In that case Hussar was charged and sentenced for attempting to conceal a handgun.


  1. I’m his wife and he didn’t threatend to kill me. I have told ALL police officers and NO ONE is understanding what I said.