What a crazy storm!  Happy New Year.  I took this picture today of the avalanche that crossed Highway 200 west of Lincoln.

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect for along the Rocky Mountain Front and areas of south-central Montana because of stronger wind blowing and drifting snow on the ground.  A WIND CHILL ADVISORY remains in effect for northeast Montana for wind chill values that could drop to -40.  Please be careful! Warmer air is on the way, as the arctic airmass slowly moves away.  Wind will push out the brutally cold air, but not before blowing and drifting some of the snow that’s on the ground.  However, the valleys of western Montana will have inversions developing.  Thus, air quality will remain less than ideal and cold air will get trapped in the valley bottoms.  The warmup begins Tuesday and a mild chinook will push temperatures up into the 20s for north-central Montana.  The valleys will stay cold with highs in the 0s and 10s, and northeast Montana will also remain in winter’s icy grip with highs in the -0s to 0s.  Sky conditions will be mostly sunny.  For the remainder of the week, temperatures will continue to warm up into the 30s and even the 40s for areas east of the mountains.  Meanwhile, valley locations like Helena, Bozeman, Missoula and Kalispell will stay inverted with less than ideal air quality and colder temperatures.  Some snow will melt across the prairies, but refreeze at night creating slippery conditions.  This weekend, a weaker storm will move in Saturday night with areas of snow continuing through Sunday into Monday.  Snow accumulation will be a few inches this time.

Curtis Grevenitz


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