HELENA – Montana is a state known for its stunning landscapes and comprehensive trail systems, and Jefferson County is hoping that will be enough to draw in visitors to the county.

Jefferson County Commissioner Leonard Wortman said the county has been through some hard times in the last few years with layoffs at Golden Sunlight Mine and the Montana Developmental Center.

As a result, Main Street businesses aren’t doing as well as they could. Wortman spearheaded an effort to create a new Parks, Recreation and Trails commission that will be tasked with with reviewing the public lands and figuring out ways to better communicate what the county has to offer.

That includes a new initiative to map previously uncharted trails and make those maps available for the public online with the hope it will draw in visitors. Wortman said some areas are already mapped, and private companies have done work to document trail systems.

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Over 60 percent of Jefferson County is made up of public lands and he hopes they can draw in visitors.

“We really have an interest in being able to exploit or to use those public lands that will benefit the county as much as possible and to get people into the front doors of the businesses of this county,” Wortman said.

So far, the county has already received about three or four applications for the volunteer positions.

If you’re interested in the volunteer position, you must reside and own property in the county’s jurisdictional area.

For an application or additional information, email Bruce Binkowski at bbinkowski@jeffersoncounty-mt.gov.

The application deadline is February 9.


  1. If your so worried about trails and access why do you keep closing down and demolishing existing roads and trails. In process making them impossible to walk on even?