HELENA- The Lewis and Clark Humane Society say they had another successful year despite some hardships.

It costs around $3,000 a day and takes 17 employees to keep the Lewis and Clark Humane society operational.

During 2017 the shelter saw 1,336 animals come through their doors and they used over 5,000 lbs. of kibble.

The shelter says that more than 700 animals found new homes last year and another 517 pets were reunited with owners.

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Executive director Gina Wiest says that the humane society is incredibly thankful for the community support and generous donations this year that aided with some unexpected high medical costs for a few animals.

Wiest also says that the community commitment to the spay and neuter program is having a direct impact.

“What I’ve seen over the last few years is how much that has gone down and defiantly the impact of spay/neuter has been phenomenal,” says Wiest.

Wiest estimates that 18,000 fewer animals were brought into shelters statewide because of Montana residents spaying and neutering their pets.

For more information about the Lewis and Clark Humane Society and how to help, visit http://www.mtlchs.org/.