BUTTE – There’s a new trend in entertainment. Trying to escape from a locked room.

“Escapology is a live-action escape room experience in which you are given 60 minutes in a scenario to go ahead and figure the whole scenario out, solve it and try to escape,” said Escapology owner Todd Schreier.

Todd and his wife opened an Escapology at the Butte Plaza Mall in December. There are five different rooms and situations participants try to figure out and then escape. The owner says it’s a very social activity that brings people together.

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“In our crazy, wild lives here in Butte Montana we’re going to put away the phones and we’re going to talk to each other, we’re going to converse with each other, we’re going to work together towards a common goal,” Schreier said.

Each escape room is lavishly designed to fit the scenario, like this one which is a train to Budapest. It’s almost like you’re being thrown into a movie and you’re the actor and you control the outcome.

“Imagine that we created a movie sat and that you have to execute the last hour of the movie. You have to be the good guy and solve it,” Schreier said.

Todd said he’s happy to be located in the mall and believe the mall will thrive will businesses like his.

“And we’re directly across from the movie theater and we’ve created a wonderful relationship and partnership with the movie theater so this can be the entertainment corridor,” Schreier said.

An entertaining way to escape for an hour.

Reporting by John Emeigh for MTN News