BILLINGS – Family owned Billings Bronze has been casting statues and monuments for nearly 30 years.

Cal and Rane Paulson opened Billings Bronze in 1989 as a full production art foundry. They cast bronze pieces for both local artists, and artists from around the world. Their work ranges from smaller pieces for artists to sell, to large sculptures you can see in places around the world.

In Billings, the iconic bronze statue outside of the Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark was done by the crew at Billings Bronze. They also cast the statue of a skateboarder, cast from the work of artist Tom Madden, which sits on the corner of the Billings skate park on 27th Street.

Paulson and his crew worked on the bronze piece for the veterans memorial at Fort Peck. The piece is a colorized cast of the American flag laying over the casket of a soldier.

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The process is both long and involved and usually takes several months to complete.

Watch as MTN’s Brandon Sullivan documents the process.

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