Montana’s congressional delegates announced Friday their special guests for President Trump’s State of the Union speech next week.

Sen. Steve Daines will host 9-year-old Danielle (Dani) Highley from Deer Lodge. Daines selected her because she will benefit from the recently renewed Children’s Health Insurance Program(CHIP).

“Dani is very happy and very excited. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for her and we feel very blessed that Senator Daines asked to take her to this event,” her mother, Glory Highley said, in a statement from Daines’ office.

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Sen. Jon Tester today announced that he will bring National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd, of Malta, as his guest. Judd is a 20-year veteran of the Border Patrol.

“Brandon Judd has been on the front line securing our border and keeping Montanans safe,” Tester said. “He is a Montana boy who climbed the ranks from an agent on our northern border to the very top of the National Border Patrol Council. Brandon’s input will play a critical role as we work towards a tough, bipartisan solution to a stronger border.”

Rep. Greg Gianforte will keep his invite in the family, inviting his wife, Susan, to join him.

All 535 members of Congress can invite at least one guest. Seating in the House chambers is on a first-in, first-served basis with no reservations. The Cabinet, Supreme Court justices, members of the Diplomatic Corps, and Joint Chiefs have reserved seating.

The robust U.S. economy is expected to be topic number one for Trump’s speech, which will begin at 7 p.m. and broadcast live on Q2. The stock market continues on a hot streak, finishing at an all time high on Friday. The Dow rose 223 points to finish at 23,616. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq both closed at record highs. Overall stocks have gained almost 8 percent in January alone.

Following the president’s speech, Rep. Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts will deliver the Democratic response. Kennedy, 37, is the grandson of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. He is serving his third term in the House