BILLINGS – If you’re having trouble staying motivated at the gym, Altrain Fitness in Billings Heights may just have your answer.

Altrain runs on a personal training model, where workouts are designed based on each individual person. What sets them apart is the specialized programs and equipment available for those training for Spartan races or even events like the nationally televised “American Ninja Warrior.”

“I always liked that style of fitness,” said Trevin Ophus, the owner of Altrain Fitness. “I enjoy doing obstacle races, and there wasn’t anything like that in Billings, or even in the state. And so I knew if I had it, I would be the first one around here to have it.”

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The gym offers specific training for those interested in the obstacle course.

“A lot of our clients are into obstacle races, and some of them just want an extra challenge,” said Travin Ophus, the owner of Altrain Fitness.

Ophus is a Shepherd native who started his gym five years ago out of his parents’ garage. From there it has grown to where it now sits, a 4,000-square-foot facility at 1831 Main St. Last year, Ophus decided to take things to a new level, building an obstacle course in the gym, which is designed to the same specs as the obstacles seen on “American Ninja Warrior.”

“I think people watch ‘American Ninja Warrior’ on TV, and those guys make it look so easy,” said Ophus. “They don’t realize that a lot of those guys are professional rock climbers…they’ve been training four to six hours a day. You get somebody off the street, and I don’t care what kind of training program you do, it’s a real ego check.”

While the obstacle course is a big draw, Ophus said what keeps clients coming back is the relationships and the personalized approach.

“I went from the little tiny barn out in Shepherd, to a place a little closer to town, into this 4,000-square-foot facility ,” said Ophus. “It’s definitely not the end. We’re going to keep growing for sure.”

On Friday, Altrain Fitness is holding an open house from 4-7 p.m. to celebrate five years in business.

If the obstacle course isn’t enticing enough, there will also be food, drinks and prizes.

Reporting by Samantha Harrelson for MTN News