David J. Charles II

HELENA- A Pennsylvania suspect is charged with trying to light a person and a house on fire.

David J. Charles II has been charged with Felony Assault with a Weapon and Misdemeanor Negligent Arson.

Prosecutors say the alleged victim in the case ran to a neighbor’s Meadowlark Drive house Saturday night, saying Charles had poured lighter fluid on him and tried to light it.

The victim also said Charles had allegedly spread Ronsonol lighter fluid around his home and was trying to light it.

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Arresting officers said they could smell lighter fluid on the 26-year-old Charles clothing when they patted him down for weapons.

During his Justice Court appearance Tuesday, Charles told Justice of the Peace Mike Swingley that he didn’t understand why he was being charged since no one was hurt and nothing caught fire.

Judge Swingley warned Charles to be aware of his rights before he said anything else.

Bond in the case has been set at $10,000.00.