BOZEMAN – The Rialto Theater in Bozeman opened its doors Tuesday after a three-year-long restoration project of the interior by Thinktank Design Group in Bozeman.

The Rialto can hold approximately 400 customers downstairs.

The interior has a mile long worth of lighting, newly renovated stage and flooring, and the stereo system is one of its kind in Montana.

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The walls have the latest in soundproofing so the neighbors won’t be able to hear any music coming from the venue and neither will the upstairs guests.

The upstairs will be a conference and banquet room with fine dining and can hold approximately 200 customers.

“What separates the Rialto from some of the other venue options is, it has a very intimate experience. It’s not so precious that you can’t enjoy yourself, yet it has all of the acoustic and lighting components that you might find on a theatre four times its size,” said Thinktank’s project architect Brian Caldwell.

“So we’ve really brought the best in all of the systems and insight from around the country to make this be the best possible venue in the heart of Bozeman,” Caldwell said.

For more information about the Rialto, including upcoming shows, click here.

Reporting by Kenneth Webb for MTN News